A huge thanks to everyone who came to our 150th Birthday Party at the Sky Loft, Millbank Tower on Thursday 10 July, it was a very special evening we enjoyed celebrating with many friends  from the industry, both old and new. And, an especially bit hanks to Julian Agostini and the team at Mash for putting on the whole thing.

The team from the Event Supplier & Services Association (ESSA) presented us with a certificate of our membership number 001, the same one we have had since the creation of the British Exhibition Contractors Association and which we are very proud to support, Andrew Kennedy is chair-elect of the association and will take the chair at the next AGM.

We were surprised by the warmth of feelings shown by a number of friends who appeared in the video below, and by all of the good wishes expressed in person on the evening.



 It was a great night and here are a few pictures of the people who came to help us celebrate our 150th Birthday.