Download our guidelines for the supply of print ready artwork


Applications Preferred file format
Adobe Illustrator CS5 ai, eps
Adobe Photoshop CS5 psd, tiff, eps, jpeg*
Adobe InDesign CS5 indd - version 6
QuarkXPress qxd - version 5 - 8
Adobe Acrobat PDF**


When supplying artwork to us setup in ‘InDesign/QuarkXPress’ please ensure all fonts and images are collected and included in the file. Artwork set up in Adobe Illustrator ensure all fonts are vectored/outlined, also include with all files a low res PDF of the final artwork, this way there will be a quicker and faster turnaround of the end result.

*JPEG - We accept this format but only if used to compress a file for ease of sending, the original artwork should have been created high resolution - 300dpi or vector eps to print at the best possible quality.

**PDF - These are print files only and can not be altered to fit different sizes, artwork must be set up at the correct proportion and at print ready quality. Make sure images are saved at high resolution (300dpi).


Image resolution (dpi)

To get the best results before going to print, images should be set up to the following spec:

  • 1/4 size @ 400-600dpi
  • 1/2 size @ 200-300dpi
  • Full Size @ 52-72dpi


Colour setup

Where solid colours are used, for example corporate logos or text please supply relevant Pantone colour references for colour matching.
Digital Photo/Flattened Images should be converted to CMYK.


Always supply a hard copy to ensure the end product is as you require it.


See also: How to send artwork